Week 3 A man’s castle is his home

Hi all

Thanks for your comments on last week’s blog – we enjoy reading them! This week we spent three days in the Loire Valley visiting some castles we didn’t see during our trip in 2010. We went to 7 this time (including one we did go to last time but wanted to re-visit) – they tend to blur into one after a while! So we thought we’d show you a picture (or two) of each one and give you a bit of info on each as well. Click on the first picture then you can scroll through the rest. Under the title of each one is the description – scroll down a little to see it.

All’s going well – the weather’s cooled down a bit which is nice. And we’re starting to see something we haven’t seen for a number of years – autumn leaves!!

Have a great week – look forward to hearing from you.

Chris and David

4 thoughts on “Week 3 A man’s castle is his home

  1. Audrey Fittall says:

    wow, amazing photos! The French sure do Chateaux well, don’t they? Sounds like you’re having a great time 🙂 xx

    • Christine says:

      Yes they do chateaux well; pity they don’t model their hotels on their chateaux! The hotels are small, cramped, lacking in fridge, tea/coffee making facilities, decent air-conditioning and comfortable beds! But as Brenton would say ‘first-world problem’!!

  2. Mark and Kerrie Russell says:

    Enjoyed reading your blog. Looks like you guys are having a great time. Cant help but feel a little envious. You will have to pray for me.

    I’ve been enjoying zipping around on my new toy. Getting used to this riding on the road business. Had a great ride around wriggley’s water hole last weekend.

    Hope you cope with those terrible hot days that get over 30 degrees and all that tiresome work on the ride-on lawn-mower


  3. Lucy says:

    Hi Chris and David, work is hectic and I hardly get a minute to think … I am sure neither of you miss that – although all that hard work walking through those amazing Chateaux would tire even the most avid tourist out! They look amazing of course and only the French could blend so many different styles of architecture into one building and make it work! Have a great week.

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